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801, 2019

How to Merge or Split Cells in Microsoft Word

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Windows Merge cells You can combine two or more table cells located in the same row or column into a single cell. For example, you can merge several cells horizontally to create a table heading that spans several columns. Select the cells that you want to merge. Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, in the Merge group, click Merge Cells. Split cells Click in a cell, or select multiple cells that you want to split. Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, in

701, 2019

Photoshop: How to remove and delete a background from a image

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Imagine the subject of your photo surrounded by a completely different background — one you’ve designed from the ground-up using your imagination. Before you can place your subject into a completely new landscape, you’ll need to remove the background of the original image first. Background removal is a tricky art and requires more than just the eraser tool, but you don’t have to be a graphic design whiz to learn the steps in Adobe Photoshop

701, 2019

How do I check which generation Apple TV I have?

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There are a number of simple ways to discover which Apple TV you own. Internally, software and hardware capabilities can differentiate the devices, such as tvOS, streaming, Siri, apps, games, processing speed and Bluetooth. Externally,comparing the size and weight, identifying your TV’s model number and display will allow you to figure out which particular device you have. Identify by model number Knowing your model number helps differentiate which Apple TV you own. All model numbers begin

601, 2019

How do I install KODI on my 2015 4th Generation Apple TV?

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Below I have written a  step to step guide of how to install KODI on a 2015 Fourth Generation Apple TV.  You will need to have a Mac computer in order to do this and also some free software. Please Note: The 2015 Apple TV is the 4th Generation Apple TV The 2017 Apple TV is the 5th Generation Apple TV Free Software Needed: Xcode 8 or later, click here iOS App Signer Utility for Mac

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